Since its opening in June 2019, the Cleveland VA Fisher House has hosted numerous military and veteran families, and many of these very special guests have offered their feedback. Their comments are overwhelmingly positive, and all of us who are associated with the program are tremendously grateful for that—that is why Fisher House exists, and why we do everything we can to assist these families.

When guests were asked what could be done to improve their current/future stay at our Fisher House, here’s what they had to say:

This stay at the Fisher House has renewed my faith in humanity. You have been such a blessing.

Everything here was excellent; the people here were polite and the food here was very wonderful. Thank you. God Bless.

I can’t think of any improvements. Fisher House is EXCEPTIONAL!!!

So grateful for this beautiful place to stay after my husband’s surgery.

Everything was excellent. The staff was very professional, the place was very clean and everyone was very friendly. Thank you.

Staff is always very nice and helpful, it’s a pleasure staying here.

Thank you for such kindness. Never have I been treated so good. Talking to other wives
and vets was such a blessing.

You have excellent staff. It feels good to be a vet.

Everything was beyond our expectations! Thank you, Nick & Staff!

Lovely place, friendly.

Everything was just perfect.

What a godsend this place is! You will be receiving a donation to continue the good work.

It is so wonderful to have a place like this to go to when times get rough.

Fisher House is a wonderful place to stay. Thank you for everything.

This is a godsend to us. Love the Fisher House.

This place is the best. I felt safe here and comfortable. The staff is the best. Healing for spouse to talk with others.

The decor, cleanliness is way above excellent! Dinner was very good!

I was so impressed with the loveliness. Warm, comfortable, good night sleep, no worries. Thank you!!

You have such a wonderful staff! Very friendly!

Made our stress level better because of the atmosphere of this location.

Keep doing what you’re doing! Everything was perfect.

I can’t think of anything—really, everything exceeded our expectations! You all have thought of every detail to make our stay comfortable.

Not a thing. Everything was wonderful. I love being here. I enjoyed myself. Everyone was very kind.

Very good service at a difficult time.

None. The Fisher House is nicer than any hotel we have ever stayed at.

Thanks so much! Very nice place!

There is none, perfect. Very safe, satisfied, good food, beverages, home away from home.

Just beautiful!

Continue doing what you are currently doing. Everything is excellent.

I really loved this place and the staff.