Touching Video

Touching Video: Woman surprises her Marine husband upon his return from a year-long deployment in Afghanistan

This video has been watched more than 1 million times since being posted on YouTube on Nov. 8. Wait til you see what happens when Gunnery Sgt. Chris Taylor finally sees his wife. Here’s the back-story: “The media is full of military men and women surprising their families upon their return from deployment, but it is very rare to see a military member get surprised by their loved ones. My husband has been in Afghanistan for the last year. He was one of the last group of Marines to come back from the war. Because he is stationed in California and our kids and I live in Maryland, he didn’t think that anyone would be there when he returned. But I showed him! I left Maryland Wednesday afternoon to make sure I arrived there in time to see his arrival on Thursday, and then came home on Friday. It was a short trip, but it was the best! I love you babe!”