Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention: How 1 Person Can Make a Difference

On World Suicide Prevention Day learn the warning signs. If you are military or a Veteran and you need help call 800-273-TALK or text 838255. One person can make a difference. Thoughts of suicide are not necessarily something people explicitly announce to the world, which means loved ones often have no idea that their friend or family member is contemplating it. But there are signs and risk factors, and while you might be thinking you can’t make a difference by yourself, you’re wrong. Experts say that’s sometimes all it takes. That’s the point of the Power of 1 Campaign, launched by the Defense Department and Department of Veterans Affairs in observance of National Suicide Prevention Month. “One smile, one conversation, one comment, one caring gesture toward somebody at risk can make a difference in their experience and perhaps instill hope and get them to help,” said Dr. Keita Franklin, the director of the Defense Suicide Prevention Office. The No. 1 thing to know: Suicide is preventable. Warning signs are just missed sometimes. “Inevitably, we always know that somebody has told somebody that they were struggling,” Franklin said of her office’s research. “Unfortunately, that person may not have known the extent […]