GCFH Summer 2017 – Update

Summer 2017 – Update

The following is the update report on the status of The Greater Cleveland Fisher House (GCFH) project through July 31, 2017.

The news as of the filing of this report is that we are awaiting the official groundbreaking date from the National Fisher House Foundation at any moment. All eight parcels of the designated project site (East 105th Street and Ashbury – a block north of The Louis Stokes VA Medical Center) were assembled under one title for transfer to the Veterans Administration. That transfer officially took place on June 30, 2017.

We are now awaiting an official groundbreaking date from the Fisher House National Foundation in Rockville, Maryland. All that can be done on the Cleveland-end of the equation has been done. As mentioned in prior correspondence, the capital campaign hit its $3 million goal. As part of a new design concept, the Greater Cleveland Fisher House will now actually be two homes with 16 suites and will accommodate up to 50 family members. The houses will be built adjacent to the grounds of The Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in University Circle, Cleveland. Again, the exact location of the eight
parcels acquired is at the corner of East 105th Street and Ashbury, just north of The Louis Stokes VA Medical Center.
The Greater Cleveland Fisher House (GCFH) is the Northeast Ohio affiliate of The Fisher House Foundation. Based in Rockville, MD, The Foundation is best known for the network of comfort homes it has built on the grounds of major military hospitals and Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers.

At this time, there are 72 existing Fisher Houses operating in America; three overseas. Plans are the drawing board for an additional 12 Fisher Houses, including Cleveland.
The cost to build the Fisher House is approximately $7 million. The goal of the Greater Cleveland Fisher House Task Force was to fundraise $3 million. That goal was reached. But the news is better. Not only is the Fisher House National Foundation matching on the cost of the first house, but through its generosity it will be picking up the entire construction cost of the second house! We are getting two houses for the
price of one.

It is our intention to begin winding down the formal capital campaign by the end of this year and then transition from a capital campaign task force to The Friends of the Cleveland Fisher Houses committee. Funds donated going forward will be used to purchase deep-discounted airlines tickets for Fisher House families traveling to and from Cleveland (done through the Fisher House Hero Miles program). Funds will also be used to obtain “entertainment values” for the families in the community such as museum passes, Goodtime cruise tickets, tickets for family events at Quicken Loans Arena, etc. Finally, funds will be used to assist Fisher House families with children who may educational scholarship needs.


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Thomas G. Sweeney, Jr.
Board President
The Greater Cleveland Fisher House